5 Tips to Look Younger As You Get Older

look younger as you get olderIn today’s society there are tons of single women in their thirties competing against cute little twenty something’s for the same guy. Although maturity and life experience are attractive qualities, at the end of the day men want someone youthful, beautiful, and in great shape.

It’s a lot easier to be carefree, function on no sleep, eat whatever you want, and still look amazing while you’re young, but as you age, it inevitably catches up with you (or at least that’s what we’re told)… the best advice I can give to you all is to start now, don’t throw caution to the wind and then panic once you get older.

You can still look sexy as ever, (possibly your best) even after your 20’s. It just won’t come to you as easy. If you are in your 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s and in the singles scene, it’s imperative to invest in your appearance. A lady doesn’t need to give up her age, and by following some of these tips you can leave the men wondering.

Don’t stay out too late on work nights
If you are not having the night of your life; make it a rule to get home by 11pm during the week. You need your beauty sleep and not to look tired the next day. Lack of sleep is aging over time.

Get up early and exercise
You can’t be lazy. If you don’t exercise, you are not going to be toned. This does not mean you have to spend 2 hours in the gym. Go for a long walk, do a yoga video in your living room, or take a Zumba class. Just make sure to do something!

Clean up your diet
There are certain foods that without a doubt will not contribute to your desired appearance. If you are ready to make a change, start avoiding all foods that contain refined sugar, wheat and gluten. Yes it’s harsh- but bread, most cereals, and all cakes, cookies, etc will not only make you gain weight but also contribute to AGE’s (Advanced Glycation End Products). AGE’s contribute to oxidation, inflammation, and accelerate the aging process. If you crave grains, eat them in limited amounts and stick to brown rice, quinoa, and sweet potato.

What not to drink
Ideally drink only water and Green tea. Soda, diet soda, and fruit juice is a waste of calories, not to mention unhealthy. For clean, youthful looking skin, you want to purify your system by drinking a lot of filtered water. Adding lemon can help aid in the detoxification process. Green tea is a great substitute for coffee since it contains high levels of anti-oxidants called polyphenols. If you want an occasional alcoholic drink, have a glass of red wine since it contains the anti-oxidant resveratrol. Any mixed drink with sugar is the most damaging, and usually the most caloric.

Taking care of your skin
A little sun is ok to get your daily dose of Vitamin D, but be sure to not bake out on the beach without sunscreen. There is probably nothing worse for getting fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, no lady should wake up and go to bed before applying eye cream and moisturizer. Exfoliating and facials should also be done regularly.

Even more important than just looking young, try to maintain the same lightness and happy spirit you had before you dated a ton of jerks. Men will not only be attracted to your youthful looks, but to the positive, non-jaded, energy you used to exude so easily.

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