jewish dating

I define self awareness as the ability to honestly evaluate and accept your strengths and weaknesses. Self awareness does not preclude self improvement. You should always strive to be a […]

jewish dating

Here’s a letter from a reader: I read your article, “How Long is Too Long to Stay in a Relationship that is Not Moving Forward?” It was a very interesting […]

why men have affairs

I watch Mad Men. If you do too, you’ll understand why I want to use the show’s plot lines and episodes as starting points to glean important lessons related to […]

women reject men

Men who get rejected by the women they want to date are always asking, “why”. They usually have no idea what the real reason. I’ve tried to tell women that […]

From I to I Do: How to Meet, Date and Marry Your Mr. Right

After speaking with hundreds of women over the past few years and answering their dating and relationship questions, I’ve finally condensed all of my dating and relationship advice in a […]


I’m about to tell you the truest truth about dating that you must follow or risk getting severely emotionally battered and bruised. It’s such a simple rule that seems so […]

  • jewish dating
  • jewish dating
  • why men have affairs
  • women reject men
  • From I to I Do: How to Meet, Date and Marry Your Mr. Right
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Jewish dating

New Rules of Finance for Relationships Apply to Men and Women

I got an interesting response to my last post What Went Wrong This Weekend – Women’s Edition from a female friend of mine. She took issue ...

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Dating For All

Should You Continue Pursuing Someone Who Isn’t Interested?

This has happened to just about everyone, male and female. You meet someone you’re interested in. You make your move by either asking them out o ...

Dating For Men

Dating Advice: 6 Tips to Land Your Dream Girl

When it comes to self confidence, it’s no secret that men are often intimidated by beautiful women. The truth is that women are constantly disappoin ...

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