Your Jewish Dating and Relationship Coach

My name is Rabbi Arnie Singer and I’m a Jewish dating and relationship coach for men and women and author of How to Meet, Date and Marry Your Mr. Right and hundreds of posts and articles published here on Jcoach and on popular sites including The Huffington Post, YourTango,, Galtime, NY Blueprint.

I’m also the founder of, an exclusive Jewish dating and matchmaking site and app. I encourage you to head over to Jzoog and create your profile now. Every profile is screened and reviewed by our staff to try and make sure the person is single, Jewish and has an authentic profile photo. That should give you some comfort in knowing that the person your viewing is real and appropriate (not some fake profile!).

You can read more about how I became a dating and relationship coach here and some testimonials here.

Here are some of the things I can help you with:
– Figuring out why you’re still single despite your efforts at meeting someone.
– Devising a plan of action to help you meet someone asap.
– Progressing from single dates to relationships to engagement and marriage.
– Modifying specific behavior or attitudes that are preventing you from getting dates and/or building relationships.

I can’t reach out to you. You need to make the first move by contacting me.

If you’re not sure, read through some of my blog posts to get a better idea of my views on dating and relationships. If you like what you read, contact me.

Have you ever watched a fly try to exit a room through a window that is partially shut? It keeps on banging into the glass over and over again without realizing that if it just moved a few inches it would fly right out through the opening.

Whatever you do, please don’t just continue doing what hasn’t been working for you until now. Make a move and set yourself free.

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